Honda Z50 Hubs
The Z50 Front and Rear hubs use the same size brake shoes and the brake panels are the same, except the brake lever are different sizes. The front brake lever is smaller than the rear brake lever. The maximum inside diameter is cast on the inside of the hubs. The maximum diameter of the hubs is 111mm. Please make sure the diameter is less than 111mm, before you start to work on the hubs.
Always a good idea to take photographs and take notes of all the components, before you start disassembly. Have the new parts like wheel bearings and seals on hand so you can make sure you have the correct parts available for reassembly.
Front and Rear Hubs
Note the front brake hub has the smaller brake lever. Both panels are identical.
Front Hub
After you remove the seal,  take the C clip off from the smaller part of the hub.
Heat the outside of the hub with a propane torch. You don't have to get it very hot.
Use a piece of wood to tap the hub. The outer bearing should come out easily.
Front hub completely disassembled. Notice the bearing with dust seal goes towards the brake shoes/inside.
Rear Hub
Rear Hubs have a flanged spacer and studs.
Use a drift to remove either side bearing. It may take some time to find the edge of the bearing.
There is no C clip under the seal.
The Z50 hubs have a brushed finish. Here I am using a wire wheel to remove the factory clear coat.
After the clear is removed. I use a rough buffing wheel with Emery compound to make it look uniform
Here are the cleaned front and rear hubs.
Notice the difference from the above picture.
Hubs will be ready to install the spacers and bearings after I clear coat the hubs to prevent oxidation.
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