CT 70 Front and Rear Suspension
CT70 Rear Shocks disassembled and ready for cleaning
Front Hub Before Cleaning
Front Hub After Sandblasting
Mask off for painting
Rear Hub Before Cleaning
Rear Hub After Sandblasting
Hubs and rims on CT70 trail bikes are painted. The best way to insure you will have a durable finish, is to sandblast the parts and then paint them with Silver that is close to Honda "Cloud Silver" color. But before you begin, please make sure the hubs are within specs. The maximum inside diameter for most CT70 and CT90 hubs is stamped on the inside. It is normally 111mm. You don't want to find out that it is out of tolerance after you spend a lot of time and money refinishing the part.
The Hubs and Rims are different on CT70 and CT90, but the front and rear brake panels/assemblies are the same and interchangeable. The brake shoes, springs and brake levers are also the same.
It is highly recommended to remove the bearings from the hubs before sandblasting. It will take some time to remove the bearings, but don't give up. You will need a small drift to get one bearing and sleeve out and the second one will be very easy to take out. Let's face it, you have come this far, don't cut corners. It will come back to haunt you later. Chances are you still have 30 to 35 year old bearing in your hubs.  There is no way to clean the old grease and dirt without removing the bearings and spacers.      Install new Bearings!
Mask off the bearing surfaces and the flanges that will rest on the rims.
WARNING: Deflate the tire completely before you attempt to take the rims apart.
Take a big flathead screw driver, place it between the tire and the rim. Hammer it until it reaches the rim. With up and down motion separate the tire from the rim. It will take some effort, go around the whole rim and it will come off. The other side usually just slides off the tire.
The front oil shocks can develop corrosion on the shock tube and the triple tree. Use sandpaper to take the rust off the exposed shock tube and then use penetrating oil. After taking off the bolts from the triple tree, use a big flat screw driver and hammer it in the slot on the triple tree. Turn the whole assembly upside down and repeat the process. If the fork tube is not  loose enough to slide out, use an old bolt (screwed in almost all the way) and some hammer persuasion.
Finished Hub
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