Z50 Carburetors are a little bit different from the CT70 and CT90 Carburetors, but the same principles apply to all the carburetors. You should have a rebuild kit on hand before you start to work on the carb. It is easier to remember where all the parts go, if the rebuilt is done right after disassembly. Always a good idea to take some photographs, just in case you forget where and how everything fit.
On top, is the carburetor from an early Z50, 1969-1971 Hard Tail. Below is a typical carburetor on a softtail models 1972-1978. Carburetors fit on the same manifold and are interchangeable.

Close up of the early Hard Tail Model Carburetor
Well used, but complete Z50 Carburetor. Body will be cleaned and most of the fittings will be Zinc Plated.
New Gasket kit will be required.
Zinc Plated Parts ready for assembly.
New High and Low Speed Jets and
Float valve installed.
Check the Float Height (18mm for Z50A carburetors)
Assembled Carburetor, Ready for another 30 years of Service!
Honda Z50 Carburetor
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