Rubber and Plastic Parts Reproduction
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Almost anything can be reproduced using silicone molding process. You can even reproduce light lenses for old cars and motorcycles.
On this page I will show you how to mold your own Rubber and Plastic parts.
Rubber parts can be duplicated by using Silicone Rubber for molds and then using one of several rubber compounds for forming the reproduction part.
This is useful when a part is just not available. You will however need at least one of the original part to make the silicone mold, unless you are creative and can make the master out of plaster or wood.
A vacuum Degasser is highly recommended, although not required for taking the bubbles out of mixed silicone compound.
Making Rubber Parts:

STEP  1:





Making Silicone Molds:

STEP  1:
  • There are two types of Silicone Compounds available.
Platinum, and Tin Cured. Platinum is the more expensive type,
since it is a little bit more durable and can be used to make low
melting metal parts. But for low production rubber and plastic parts,
Tin cured works just fine.
  • A good source for Silicone is E-Bay.

  • Silicone mold can be or two piece mold. It all depends on the complexity of the part you are trying to duplicate. You can use Acrylic, Lego Building blocks or anything that will not stick to silicone. Whatever material you use to make the Mold Box/Container, make sure it does not contain any Sulphur. Sulphur will not let silicone cure properly.

  • Take the part to be duplicated and place it within the mold box.
Use the modeling clay to fix the part on the bottom of the mold.
Clean the edges of the part until there is no clay exposed.
The reason to use clay is to prevent silicone from seeping under
the part.



Items Needed:

  • Silicone Compound
  • Rubber or Plastic Compound
  • Form/Box for Silicone Mold
  • Sulphur free Modeling Clay
  • Wax free Mixing Cups
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Latex Free Vinyl Gloves
  • Electronic Gram Scale
  • Vacuum Degasser
  • Pressure pot for making light lenses
Home made Vacuum Degasser. Pyrex Chamber and Medical Vacuum pump purchased on E-Bay. Make sure the pump can pull at least 29" Hg (29 in. of Mercury)
Pressure curing pot, necessary for making clear lenses.
Made from a painters pressure pot with a regulator and pressure relief valve.