Painting Services
  • We offer complete Painting Service for Bikes and any other project
  • All parts are blasted with appropriate media type down to bare metal
  • Parts that cannot be blasted with media are appropriately prepared
  • Surfaces are prepared with appropriate primer type. Epoxy, Acrylic, or Filler
  • Single Stage or Base Coat, Clear Coat is used for period correct finish
  • We only use Premium Name brand paints
  • Larger surfaces are Color Sanded and buffed for a perfect shine
  • Candy Paint Jobs use Primer, Base Coat (Silver, Gold, or Black), Candy Coat, Clear Coat
  • Correct Decals and Installation is Available

Average Cost for a Bike Re-Paint:

Honda Z50A without Shocks (Candy Color) $1200
Honda Z50 With Shocks/Swing  Arm    $1000, Candy Color $1250
Honda SL70 $1800
Honda CT70 Candy Color $1800
Honda CT90 All Years $2100

Above are just some examples. Prices may vary if extensive body work is required.

Call us or e-mail us if you need further assistance for your project