Honda Z50 Production Model Years and Serial Numbers

Z50AK0  1968-69 Z50A-100001~  No Lights 
Z50AK1 1969-70 Z50A-120088~  Battery  
Z50AK2 1970-71 Z50A-270236~  Oval Badges, Foot Brake
Z50AK3 1972     Z50A-1000001~  1st Year of Rear Shocks 
Z50AK4 1973     Z50A-3000001~   
Z50AK5  1974      Z50A-5000001~    
Z50AK6 1975     Z50A-6000001~    
Z50A'76  1976             Z50A-6100001~   
Z50A'77  1977     Z50A-6200003~    
Z50A'78 1978    Z50A-6300003~ Red Painted Fenders  

Honda CT70 Production Model Years and Serial Numbers

CT70K01969-71CT70-100001~  3 Speed Auto 
CT70HK0    1970-71 CT70H-100001~      4 Speed Manual 
CT70K11972-73CT70-2000001~       3 Speed Auto 
CT70HK1    1972-73 CT70H-2000001~   4 Speed Manual 
CT70K21973      CT70-2100001~      3 Speed Auto 
CT70K31974     CT70-2300001~      3 Speed Auto 
CT70K41975     CT70-2400001~      3 Speed Auto 
CT70'761976     CT70-2500004~      3 Speed Auto 
CT70'771977     CT70-2600008~      3 Speed Auto 
CT70'781978     CT70-2700005~      3 Speed Auto 

Honda CT90 Production Model Years and Serial Numbers

CT90K0/K1 1969CT90-100001 TO CT90-200000 
CT90K11970CT90-200001 TO CT90-300000
CT90K21971CT90-300001 TO CT90-400000
CT90K31972CT90-400001 TO CT90-499999
CT90K41973CT90-1400001 TO CT90-1500002
CT90K51974CT90-1500003 TO CT90-1600002
CT90K61975CT90-1600003 TO CT90-1700003
CT90 1976   1976CT90-1700004 TO CT90-1800007
CT90 1977   1977CT90-1800008 TO CT90-1900009
CT90 1978   1978CT90-1900010 TO CT90-5000010
CT90 1979   1979CT90-5000011 TO CT90-6000000

Honda CT90 Color Chart


Scarlet Dark Red C  K2,K3 
Summer Yellow       Smokey Yellow     CC      K3 
Bright Yellow    Bright Yellow XB              K2,K9(78) 
Monza Red       Red   R-110
Mars Orange    Orange   YR-6          K4,K5 
Shiny Orange  Orange            YR-26               K7(76), K8(77) 
Tahitian Red    Red  YR-23, EC        K6(75), K10(79) 

Dark Gray Metallic   Dark Gray      CB,NH19M      Several Plastic Parts

Honda CL70 Production Model Years and Serial Numbers
CL70 K0CL70-100002   TO CL70-199999
CL70 K1CL70-200002   TO CL70-299999
CL70 K2CL70-300002   TO CL70-399999
CL70 K3CL70-1300001 T0 CL70-1399999

Honda CT90, CT70 and Z50 Model Information