We restore all types, makes, and models of Vintage Bikes, and Vintage Items
This site is mostly geared towards Vintage Honda Products
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Complete restorations are labor intensive, meticulous and carefully managed to produce outstanding results for our customers

Correctly Done Restorations are very time consuming.
Our Motorcycle restoration time is around eight (8) months to a Year, from the time we get a commitment, depending on the rarity and complexity of the project

We strive to get restorations as close to original as possible, with the use of NOS (New Old Stock) , or refurbished Original Parts to the extent possible. 
We NEVER replace original hardware with generic hardware. We don't mix parts, and try to keep original parts with the project.

All of our Bike restorations include Complete Show Quality Engine Rebuild.
We not only make them new, we make them function like NEW !!

Just a few examples of Honda Bike Restoration prices:

Honda Z50A                        $6,500~$7,500
Honda CT70                        $8,500~$9,500
Honda CT90                        $10,000~11,000
Honda CT110                      $10,000~11,000
Honda CA77 305 Dream     $14,500~$16,000
Honda CA95 Baby Dream   $14,500~$16,000

Complete Restorations