CT70 and CT90 Carburetor
CT 70 Carburetor before Cleaning. You will need a carburetor rebuild kit. Unless the needle or the jet is damaged, these parts can be cleaned and reused
Complete Carburetor Kit
ready to be installed.
Notice the dirt and grease buildup. Carburetor can be cleaned by using parts or carburetor cleaner. Make sure all the orifices are clean and free of debris.
Cleaned carburetor.
Make sure all the orifices are completely cleaned.
You can use carburetor cleaner with the small tube to clean all passages.
The filter fits in the slot with the tabs facing out.
The O ring goes between the filter and the cover.
Make sure to install a new O ring on the drain screw.
CT70 and CT90 Carburetors are almost identical except the difference in size and the altitude compensator on the CT90 carburetor. The CT70 carburetor is a little bit smaller and the altitude compensator space is blank. There are some minor differences in earlier and later model carburetors of both CT70 and CT90. Most carburetors only need a good cleaning and new gaskets and filters. Carburetors can be cleaned with a verity of products and some elbow grease. Rebuilt Carburetors are available for sale. We clean carburetors with a special process that brings them back as close to the original as possible. New gaskets, needle valve, filter, and screw set installed.   

CT 70/CT 90 Carburetors for Sale
Jet orfice cleaning tool is available at your local motorcycle dealer. 
Most of the time you only need to clean the jet with the tool. If replacing, make sure you get the correct size. Size is stamped on the face of the jets.
The needle valve with new aluminum washer. You don't want a leaky valve, or your float bowl will over flow.
Needle valve installed.
The tapered end goes on the inside. The spring lever goes on the outside as shown.
Use a float level gauge, a ruler, or calipers to check and adjust the float height.
The float tab should be just touching the needle valve not pushing it.
New gasket for the throttle cap or you will have an air leak.
The spring washer goes between the fuel selector lever and the cover. A new gasket is needed to avoid fuel leaks.

Completed carburetor

Installed on the 1977 Custom Green CT70