• Most Honda Seats from the 70's use similar type of construction. These guidelines can be used for several different model seats.
  • I will show you how to repair and reupholster the seat to show quality. This seat pan has one of the mounting studs broken off. For the repair job, you will need an electric or pneumatic grinder and a welder. If you don't have a welder available, any machine shop will do the simple welding for a nominal charge.

  • Use a flat tip screw drive to straighten the tabs holding the seat vinyl on the underside. Be careful, not to be very aggressive with the tabs.
  • Separate the vinyl and the foam from the seat pan.
  • There is a plastic edging, remove and save it for later use during reupholstering.
  • Notice how foam was glued on to the pan in several place.
  • Use a power grinder to grind the studs. When flush with the seat base, use a punch to remove the studs. Even though, only one stud was broken, I am going to replace both studs. Make sure to remove rust from the surrounding area.

  • You will need two 6mm bolts that are 7/8" long for use as studs. Use a wire brush or sandpaper to remove all the zinc coating from the bolts, otherwise they will not weld.
  • Install the seat bracket with nuts to properly align the bolts on the bottom.
  • After welding, cleanup and grind down the heads a little bit with the grinder.
Completed Repair
This page was last updated: October 10, 2012
Honda CT70 Seat Pan Repair
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