Custom Engine Stand for the CT70. The bolt patterns match the foot rest bolt holes. The cutout on one side is to clear the oil drain bolt and flange,
The engine cases are painted black. The cylinder overbored, with new piston
rings, valves, rocker arms and a high lift cam. New stator assembly.
The engine is modified for manual transmission. Still a 3 speed transmission.
New kick shaft, and of course new gaskets and seals.
Some engine parts color matched with the bike.
All nuts and bolts are either new or replated.
This is a custom bike that started with a 1977 frame with no rust and in solid condition. The engine and other components are from other years. All original Honda parts are used. The Frame and some engine parts are Powder coated in a Metallic Green color. All new wiring harness, Ignition switch, Stator and lots of other new parts.
Completed engine top end.
Almost all new components
The engine side covers will be powder coated in high gloss black.
Speedometer was taken apart for complete rebuild and cleaning.Speedometer rebuilding is not for the faint of heart. It has a lot of small delicate parts.
Steering stem installed with new top and bottom bearings. The new steering top nuts available are not correct size (too tall). You have to use your old nut.
Replated Seat latch. New wiring harness. Notice how the powder coat gets into all the areas normally not paintable using traditional painting techniques.
New rear brake switch.
The pivot point for the rear brake pedal was left bare.
Powder coat is a little bit thicker than traditional spray paint.
Even though, I have old original Ignition switches available, I decided to use a brand new original Honda switch. The only difference is the key size.
The rims were chromed and the brake components were all powder coated for the custom look. All new  bolts, bearings, seals and brake shoes.
The fuel tank, tank bracket, battery box, and the seat hinge are also the same color. Notice the metal tank has been lined with epoxy coating. It will never rust.
Re chromed rear blinker stay with brand new original Honda blinkers.
I decided to use red lenses for the rear blinkers. Fender are also painted.
Bike is well on its way to completion.
Completely rebuilt shocks.
Found new shocks on Ebay
Re Chromed springs, repainted shock covers.
New top and bottom bushings.
Replated sprocket.
I chose to use street tires instead of the knobby off road tires. New tubes.
Rechromed license plate holder. The later model CT70s had black brackets.
Since this is custom, I thought chrome would look nicer.
NOS Stanley lamp cover.
This is for the 1972 model, but this is the biggest tail light for the CT70 and in my opinion it look good with the wide blinker bracket.
Brand new Horn.
Correct horn still available from Honda!
Painted, instead of chrome front fender.
Front Forks, wheel, triple tree to go on next.
The bike jack and engine stand makes for a very stable work platform. No worry of dropping the bike.
Rechromed Mounting Bolts
New Wiring Harness. Almost all the connections are in the Headlight Bucket
Brand New Exhaust System
Notice the Manual Clutch conversion. The Engine Cradle and the Spark Plug Gaurd are Gloss Black Powder Coated.
Rebuilt Speedometer.
Neutral Light, High Beam and Indicator Lamp.
Almost Complete
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1977 Custom CT70 Restoration
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