1971 K2 Z50A
Complete Restoration
This page was last updated: October 7, 2012
Complete Bike Before Start of RestorationVin TagWrponWrong Color Spark Plug WireFront BootsFront Boots Held with Ties!Old Fuel LinesOld Fuel Lines, at least the petcock is originalOld Chain/Rusted hardwareNotice the Red Rubber Plug, WrongMissing original Carburetor Filter BoxOld Corroded Main SwitchTank Looks Good, but look can be deceiving !!!!!Closer Look at the carburetorWrong TaillightUnderside of the seat pan. Pan was not even cleaned befor painting !SURPRISE, Underside of fuel tank. Poor repair job.Painted over Silicone Patch Repair.Electrical MessBottom Bearing Race was not even removed before spray can repaint.Closer look at bottom bearing race.
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We started with a 1971 Z50A, K2 model that supposedly had been restored. Closer inspection revealed a spray can restoration, with most of the original bolts missing. Poorly covered seat with bad seat pan, and a lot more.
This bike is a perfect candidate for a complete  and proper restoration.
Re Assembly
During teardown, we discovered the bike was originally Candy Red. The Customer decided to return it to its original color.