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1970 CT90 Complete Restoration
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Some Restoration Details

Frame:     Completely disassembled and Powder Coated. Headlight bucket and shock covers painted with                           automotive paint.
        Front Forks Completely disassembled and rebuilt.
        Rear Shocks Cleaned and assembled with new bushings. New Swing Arm Bushings
        New Chain. NOS Sprocket and NOS Sprocket Locking Washers. New Brake Shoes.
        New Wheel Bearing and Hub Seals. Even the Hub Spacers were Zinc Plated!!
        Seat Frame sandblasted and Painted. New Seat Foam and Cover.
Hardware:    Every Nut, Bolt, Washer, Spoke and Fitting Cleaned and Zinc Plated by professional shop.

Engine:         Completely disassemble, Inspected for correct tolerances and damage. Reassembled with New                                 Seals, Gaskets, Piston, Rings, and Valves.
                          Engine Side Covers painted with correct Honda "Cloud Silver", color matched automotive paint.                                Rebuilt Carburetor. New Plug and Cap.
                          New Clutch Plates and Clutch Springs.

Electrical:    Wire Harness cleaned, Inspected, and re-wrapped. New Points and Condenser.
                          New (NOS) Honda Ignition Switch and Steering Lock. Rebuilt Horn and Handlebar Switches. New                            (NOS) Speedometer. New Battery.  New Horn Button.

Chrome:       Re-Chromed parts include, Handlebar, Shock Covers, Muffler, Muffler Shields, Luggage Rack,                                  Wheel Rims, and Head Light Rim. Kick start lever, and Gear Shifter.

Rubber:        Almost all New/NOS Rubber parts. New Tires and Tubes. New Fork Boots. New Fuel Lines. New                              Handlebar Grips. New Fuel tank Cushions.

Paint:             All Black painted parts were sandblasted and painted with automotive paint.
                         Down Tube Cover and battery cover primed and painted with color matched automotive paint.

                         Fuel Tank:Cleaned and relined with Epoxy Coating. New Fuel Cap.