• All complete restorations are Nut and Bolt, Museum quality restorations.  
  • All the individual parts are taken apart, Cleaned, either Polished, Painted, Chromed, or Replated.
  • All frames are Sand Blasted, Epoxy Primed, and painted using color matched paints
  • All Hardware is De-Rusted, Cleaned, Polished and then Zinc Plated
  • All the chrome parts are re-chromed.
  • Control cables replaced with NOS or aftermarket cables.
  • Light lenses/covers polished, or Replaced with OEM Parts
  • Wiring Harness are Replaced with OEM quality harnesses
  • New Wiring Harness for CT 70/Z50. New Stator Plugs for CT90
  • Plastic parts repainted and new/reproduced decals installed.
  • Almost all the rubber parts are replaced, some are just not available. Some rubber parts are reproduced.
  • We NEVER replace Nuts & Bolts with generic hardware 
  • If the original hardware is unusable, it is replaced with OEM hardware
  • EVERY aspect of the restoration is done in house (except Chrome Plating)

This page was last updated: September 25, 2021
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Laser,  Gasket Cutting Service
All Engine Rebuilds include a 3 month warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. Warranty is void for intentional abuse, Ingestion of Debris (running without air filter) or running engine without oil.

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March 14th 2021
Due to a fire at our shop after the winter storm in Houston
We are in the process of cleaning the shop for smoke damage
We will not be taking any new projects for at least two months
Please check with us if we have any of your projects at our shop

UPDATE Sept. 25 2021
We are almost done with Shop Renovation. It is taking longer than expected. We expect to Start Taking on new projects in the next  few weeks.